the ruminations of a southern hippie

The following pages are things that I've written ... the long and the short of it.
I consider it a form of making things. I've always made things. Some I wrote twenty years ago and some of them were written yesterday. I'm continually updating, changing, and adding more. Some of these things are true, some are partially true, some are pure fantasy or outright lies, and some are autobiographical. None of it is cathartic, nor is it a cry for help, so don't try to offer me life advice or save me. This is, in the final analysis, just someplace that I write things down ... a playground. If you have questions please feel free to email them to me. If I don't have an answer, or if I don't want to answer, I'll try to make something up. If you find errors please keep them to yourself because I don't need problems. There are also some slide shows of things that I've seen and things that I've done or made.

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